Under Virginia’s [discovery] rules, the chances of further miscarriages of justice are too great.
— Washington Post Editorial Board, prior to 2013 defeat of discovery reform effort

Our Issues

Justice Forward Virginia PAC supports comprehensive reform to Virginia's justice system; a list of reform priorities is below. Included among them are two -- the larceny threshold and discovery reform -- which serve as a helpful primer to the political obstacles impeding reform. 

Reform Priorities

  • Discovery reform
  • Raising the larceny threshold
  • Overhauling drug policy, including marijuana policy
  • Increasing funding for indigent defense
  • Reform jury sentencing
  • Broaden availability of post-conviction relief
  • End the death penalty
  • Expand alternatives to incarceration, including mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Eliminate administrative license suspensions


  • ACLU of Virginia
  • Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
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