Justice Forward Endorses Jennifer Carroll-Foy for Delegate

JC-F head shot.jpg

Justice Forward Virginia is proud to support Jennifer Carroll-Foy to represent the Second District in Virginia’s House of Delegates.
Jennifer Carroll Foy will be a unique ally to the criminal justice reform movement, as demonstrated by her unique qualifications. She formerly served as a magistrate, and is currently employed as a public defender, placing her close to the action, and demonstrating a real life commitment and sacrifice to the cause. She has witnessed first-hand how the state marshals resources to disproportionately affect poor people and minorities, and how the criminal justice system favors the wealthy and well-connected. In her current role as public defender, she in on the front lines, advocating for vulnerable defendants including the indigent, juveniles and the mentally ill. She knows just how important it is to expand criminal discovery, raise the larceny threshold, and find humane, rehabilitative alternatives to incarceration.

Jennifer’s background has paved the way for her to be an effective legislator in Richmond. She graduated from Virginia Military Institute, having matriculated with only the third class that allowed females, and she did so in part in order to live out an ethic of gender equality.  Along those lines, Jennifer is also an advocate for protecting women's access to health care and fighting for equal pay for equal work.

In addition, Jennifer created the Foundation for Foster and Orphan Children, a 501(c)(3) organization, to assist and advocate for foster children, and is herself a foster mother of two. She is also a professor at a local community college, where she teaches low-income students about issues prevalent in our criminal justice system. 
At every turn in her life, Jennifer has shown a dedication to serving her community, fighting for social justice, and advocating for the disadvantaged and vulnerable among us. We believe that her commitment to changing the Commonwealth for the better -- and her unique experience in the criminal justice realm -- position her as an ideal candidate to help us achieve real, meaningful justice reform. We are proud to endorse and support Jennifer Carroll-Foy for delegate.

Brad Haywood